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Friday, June 19, 2009

How does a car engine work?


A very simple yet concise example on how a car engine produces torque to drive the wheels.

How does Honda Ivtec saves on fuel consumption?


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gen X Gen Y

Recently, the Straits times featured an article by an Aussie poll on Gen-Y members whom are the babies born in the late 80s to 90s. The poll was whether the Gen-Y expect their parents to pay for their housing and etc..generally it means whether Gen Y takes the parents for granted. The result was seemingly overwhelming.
Put in perspective,most of my fellow peers are the Gen Y-ers and the sentiments are the reliance on the parents are seemingly not as exaggerated as the findings in the poll. Perhaps we had omitted the fact that the poll might not be representative in the Singapore's context.
From one angle, we cannot deny the fact that as a Gen Y-er, I believe the life that I experienced, even as a member of a middle-income family, was much cosier than what my parents had went through. Growing up in a baby-boomer era, my parents were part of their families where 6 or 7,sometimes even up to 10, siblings were common. The downsizing in terms of family size for the Gen-Y was much proportional to the living expenses during the late 80s and 90s. Singapore turned to be more capital and knowledge-intensive and thus, parents are aware that they need to fund the children's education more intensively than what their own parents did. With this thinking, perhaps they felt that setting aside more for fewer children outweighs the vice-versa. Thats why as a Gen Y-er, we realise that the monetary(of course, the love) investment showered upon us were much more. Inevitably, this has caused the latter to be less independent. We step into the real world, or the working society, later by 5-10 years on average than a Gen X-er.
The later we enter the working industry correspondingly means that we have more years that we are financially dependent on the parents. Come to think of it, after the age of 21, for some 18, its the era where the hormones are raging in the non-crooked manner. It means that people start to climb the Maslow hierachy of needs. We start to buy more expensive and heftier products and spend like an adult; going on travel; visiting pubs and clubs. All these are most probably funded from the pocket money in a very general notation. This also points to a bigger pocket money budget, aint it. All these points to why Gen Y are seemingly more dependent on the parents, in my own honest opinion.
Come to think of it, sometimes i wonder if it was much better if i ve opted to work part time and study part-time. The extra 4 years of working experience might have essentially put me in a better position than taking up a 4 years undergraduate course. The opportunity cost of studying means 4 years of salaries + CPF contribution. Well..life is a gamble anyway. The general comfort zone is alwyas the route most travelled.. Haha. In retrospect, part time studying might have been better but i dun have the balls to try it anyway.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

STill my fav goes to advanti F6010!

JAZZ with bronze wedsport SA70 +silver+hyper dark edition

GRaduAtion is about...


its when you finally cast away all the theories in the virtual study life and start learning the hard facts of the society. Everything that its so "By Right" in the books begans to manifest themselves into the "By Left" in life. Those who can filter fast to the left lane wins it all....

In laymen's terms, I think being streetsmart is just as important as being studysmart..streetsmart is about being resourceful. sometimes i worry whether i will be retrenched when i am 40.. so what i think i can do is to always keep up with the society by either learning, re-learning..that s the only way to keep one competitive.


am i not right by saying graduation is the starting point of risk management. Some of us will choose the orthodox routes of accepting jobs whenever it comes since we were taught somewhere in life that low risks yield low returns..probably the risk-averse graduates fall into this venn diagram. Some do it the buffet way..take a lot then choose what to eat and throw away those that you dun like.. Some do it the sniper way..1 shot 1 kill.. By any means, i must say that we mustnt envy those who earn more..probably they ve gone through more or risked more in their journeys. Earn a comfortable sum to finance a comfortable living then reserve comfortable amount of time for rest and family....tts the ultimate outcome of life, ain't it...


Come to think of it...which juncture of our life do we enjoy the most? I guess its either before 3 years old and after 62 in SIngapore context. 3-25 is all about studying;25-61 is all about working and saving for the rainy days. After 62, probably you can take a few grand every year to go for a trip..by then...might be too feeble to sky dive or do a bungee... Yes...so i think enjoying life should be right after we get a stable paycheck...

buy a car - hatchback for me definitely!

buy a hse- a comfortable 5-room in suburban regions. I am the peculiar minority who dreads urban living...claustrophobia..

travel around -Europe, Maldives n etc..

finance hobby - golf? photography?

there are so much money can does...and conversely, so much that it cant.. kinship, genuine frenship...much to say, its a balance between these 2 but nv allow money to come in between the latter. Its something i always remind myself about...

Thursday, May 14, 2009


1. Sentosa siloso car park 's per entry is $3!!!

Greeted by the 200% increase in carpark fees, sian half. Nonetheless it was a fun and relaxing afternoon. The highlight was ironically the TI-DI matches where we would send the person with the highest accumulated points into the sea..

2. Dian Xiao Er is only as good as her DANG GUI DUCK.

2. Ma Maison@ central got a weird waitress. She just cant seem to get my messages..or maybe i am weird.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Inspired from the uber lame left-but-not-left in the ping pong show.This feeling has been lingering for very long ever since the end of exams. I suppose its because the FYP is a 10 AU subject, 2 AU in doing and 8 AU in printing and binding, and final bound here and there. I just cant help but think of the amount of fuss a lil report can bring about. Totally counter-productive to me.

And just when i thought luck had been great from the start of the year, a string of unfortunate incidents hit me and hit me hard. Not that I am really devastated though its really a huge stab to my confidence. Of course, when shit happens, first thing to do is to solve it, get over and move on with it. Yep...i ve physcially done that and most importantly, to reflect on what s wrong and where did the problem went wrong. Maybe that s learning through the hard way and indeed, I learned it the hard way. Alright..whats over is over and I shall just look forward in life and start enjoying the rest of the 1.5 month before the career begins.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Kope a nice storm silver photo from honda

Monday, April 13, 2009


Every now and then, i think of life. Not really a walk down memory lane but a walk into why and how things turn out this way.
Just for the past few weeks alone, i saw the reality of life pushing closer and drawing nearer to me.
I witnessed yet another death of a friend's loved one, watched bei's uncle lying on the bed. Cant help but felt the fragility of life reflecting upon us as clear as a mirror.
On the other side of life, the ugliness of people once again surfaced beneath me. Why did you choose to hold on to 2 cameras at one time when I had asked you for just one of them. It merely showed me how ugly people are. Selfishness on the expense of people who needed it more. Thats why i always hold on tightly to my stand- dun rely on others. I hated to beg people and subject myself to the mercy of people.
Of course, I ve seen the lighter side of life as well. For one, i think Vic is a very nice guy. A person who is selfless.
Thats why i think life is fair in her own fashion. She gives u some bad things, so the good things shine in comparison. I guess..once again..life is FAIR!